Brian Sings!

This is a list of Queen songs which feature Brian May on lead vocals. [Album titles in square brackets]

Some Day One Day [Queen II]
She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes) [Sheer Heart Attack]
’39 [A Night at the Opera]
Good Company [A Night at the Opera]
Long Away [A Day at the Races]
All Dead, All Dead [News of the World]
Sleeping on the Sidewalk [News of the World]
Leaving Home Ain’t Easy [Jazz]
Flash (One Verse) [Flash Gordon]
Sail Away Sweet Sister [The Game]
Who Wants to Live Forever (first verse)[A Kind of Magic]
I Want it All (bridge) [The Miracle]
Lost Opportunity (b-side to “I’m Going Slightly Mad”)
Let Me Live (Last verse) [Made in Heaven]
Mother Love (Last verse) [Made in Heaven]
No-one but You (First and Last Verses)[Queen Rocks]