Most popular Rock Groups

It is Top 10 among the most popular Rock Bands of the magazine Hit Parade. Log Hit Parader specializes in news about the Hard Rock and Heavy metal so that you can trust him.

  1. Marilyn Manson

The American Rock Band, known for their geeky up-to-date reached great success: 4 albums received the title of”, five gold albums, 1 Gold Collection, 1 Gold Video Album and seven albums of the group came into the top 10, including two number one album. VH1 Marilyn Manson on 78 places among the best Rock Bands in the ranking of “100 Great Artists of Hard Rock”. Marilyn Manson recognized number 723 as part of the great artists of all time. Marilyn Manson sells about 50 million records worldwide.

  1. Mötley Crüe

The American Glam Metal Band, founded in Los Angeles 1981 year. Is the most extreme representative of this genre, and one of the rods. The group became Bass guitarist Nikki Ors and drummer Tommy Lee later joined guitarist Mick Mars and singer Vince Neil. Mötley Crüe sells more 175 million albums worldwide, including 100 million in the US.

  1. Metallica

The American Metal Band, founded in the 1981 year. Has music in the style of Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal.

Metallica had a great influence on the development of metal and “Big Four of thrash metal”. Albums sold by Metallica were in total in an amount of more than 100 million copies worldwide, which makes them one of the Halen. B 2011 year, one of the largest magazines about Metal music Kerrang! In the June issue, Metallica recognized the best Metal Band of the last 30 years.

  1. AC/DC

The Australian Hardrock Band, formed in Sydney in the November 1973 year, come from Scotland, Malcolm brothers and am sein.

Together with Bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Queen, Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, and Motörhead, AC/DC are often considered the pioneers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The musicians themselves classified their music like Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll since the guitar is based on the Rhythm-and-Blues with heavily distorted Sound, the rhythm, and Solo.

The Team sold more than 200 million albums worldwide, including 68 million in the United States. The most successful Album, Back In Black, was sold in an amount of more than 22 million in the U.S. and more 42 million from outside. In general, AC / DC is the most successful and well-known Rock Band from Australia and one of the most popular in the world.

  1. Slipknot

The American Metal Band, founded in the 1992 year in the USA. Albums of the group have Platinum Status, sold only about 35 million copies worldwide. B 2006 year the group received its only Grammy Award today. The Team is aware that its members wear masks and special Overalls at concerts, photo shoots, and Interviews. Masks changed with the release of the new album.

  1. Queen

The British Rock Band that achieved the greatest fame in the mid-1970s, and one of the most successful groups in the history of Rock music. Media call group of “cult” and write that to this day it has hundreds of millions of Fans.

The group has fifteen Studio albums, five concert and numerous collections. Eighteen Hits “Queen” took first place in the Charts of different countries. Each participant of the group is the author of at least one Hit, the top of the British charts. Live performances of the group also became internationally the most important and most important for the whole history of Rock.

  1. Led Zeppelin

The British Rock Band in September 1968 in London, England, and recognized one of the most successful, innovative and influential in modern history. By creating their sound (for the typically loaded guitar Drive, the sound-rhythm section and the shrill singing), Led Zeppelin became one of the leading groups of Hard Rock, played a crucial role in the development of heavy metal.

Led Zeppelin is one of the most successful groups in Rock music: the global circulation of their albums exceeds 300 Million, 112 million sold in the United States (the fourth place). Seven albums of Led Zeppelin rose to the top of the Billboard 200. Led Zeppelin-occupy the first place in the list of VH1 “100 Greatest artists of Hard Rock”. The magazine Rolling Stone has recognized “the heaviest group” and”Best Band of the 70’s”. B 1995 year Led Zeppelin were in the Hall of Fame of Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll, in the 2005 year have Grammy Award for outstanding contributions to musical development, in the May 2006 year — Polar Music Prize, music Analog Nobel Prize.

  1. Guns n‘Roses

The American Hard Rock Band, based in Los Angeles, California, in the 1985 year.

The group gained worldwide popularity after the release of Geffen Records in 1987, the year of their first long player “Appetite for Destruction” (according to the RIAA, the most commercially successful debut Album in the history of Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll). The success was fixed by the global tour and two albums “Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II”. It is one of the most successful Rock Bands; total circulation sold entries estimated at 100 million copies.

  1. Van Halen

This is one of the most famous American Hard-Rock groups emerged in the 1973 year in Pasadena, California.

Every new album by Van Halen Faces in the charts higher than the previous one. B in 1983, the group took place in the Guinness Book of records for the most expensive speech: they received $ 1.5 million for the 90-minute concert at the festival US Festival.

  1. KISS

The American Rock Band, based in New York in the January 1973 year, plays in the Genres Glam-Rock, Shock-Rock and Hard-Rock and well-known stage participants, as well as the concert show, accompanied by various pyrotechnic effects.

From the 2010 year, more than forty-five Gold and platinum albums and more 100 sold millions of records.