Here are our links to various Brian May and Queen pages on the net. These sites are all well worth a visit.

Brian May Links

  • Official Brian News pages – Jen always has the scoop with official input from Brian himself!
  • Homepage for Brian Mayniacs! – very professional page with loads of good stuff
  • The Mayketeers Homepage – great page from a slightly barmy group of Brian fans!
  • Scott Humphrey’s site – Scott’s projects to create his own Red Special and treble boosters
  • Matt Wickham’s site – Matt’s project to create his second replica, also lots of pics of fan’s creations!
  • Laurens Gardeniers site – Another cool site! Everything aboutt Laurens Red Special project
  • imagePeter Michalowski ‘s site – Guitarrist of Queer tribute band, great site

Guitar-related Links

  • Optima Strings- dealer Andrew Morgan’s site is now fully functional, if you are looking for the Optima strings and fOXX Phaser pedal he is the man!
  • V-Stack – Makers of the amazing Brian May ‘simulator’ pedal
  • ElectroLead – Superb Treble Booster Pedals made by superfan Greg Coxhill including the amazing Novo!
  • Guild Guitars – they don’t make BHM guitars anymore, but still worth a look
  • Guyton Guitars – the ultimate Red Special copies
  • K’z Guitar Works – excellent Red Special copies
  • RS Guitars – very nice unofficial Red Special copies
  • Dillion Guitars – low cost Red Special copies
  • John Birch Guitars – makers of a rather odd-looking Red Special-type guitar
  • Burns – they don’t make the Brian May model anymore but they are still selling the Tri-Sonic pickups
  • Kent Armstrong – Guitar pickup maker
  • Adeson – Guitar pickup maker, the best Tri-Sonic pickups by far!
  • Fryer Guitars – Site still under costruction
  • Pete Cornish – Legendary guitar effects creator
  • Scott’s Crispy Cream – Treble booster maker
  • VOX Amplifiers – legendary amplifier makers
  • Watford Valves – Brian’s favourite suppliers of guitar amp valves
  • Silver sixpence – Specialist company which sells original sixpences
  • Maverick Music – US Guitar shop specialising in Brian May guitars

Queen Links

  • Official Queen Fan Club Site – updated daily
  • Andy’s Queen Pages – no longer updated but still a great source of info
  • Official Queen Site – rarely updated but worth a look
  • Official Queen E-Shop – buy Queen items online
  • Sheri’s pages – QMS (Queen email discussion group) info and some interesting pics
  • Jobey’s Queen Ring Site – info on the Queen Ring
  • Shanes Queen Site – discography, 100% accurate chords & tabs, the site is constantly being updated!.
  • imageJudi Potts’s Queen Site – very interesting site, take a look

Tribute Band Links

  • Dios Salve a la Reina- The amazing tribute band from Argentina
  • Queen Rocks – Excellent UK-based tribute band
  • Sheer Heart Attack – Great US-based Queen tribute band
  • imageQueer – Great tribute band from Sweden