FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked quite a lot of questions about my pages, so here are some answers to popular questions.

Where can I get a copy of Brian’s guitar?

There are quite a few possibilities. Check out my pages on the official Guild and Burns guitars. Guild guitars are available secondhand, with a ’93 signature guitar typically being priced at around £2000 UK pounds, although prices are now falling with the introduction of the Burns guitars, which are available new at around £500 UK pounds. Alternatively, check out my pages on unofficial Red Special copies.

Where can I get a VOX AC30?

Almost any decent music shop will have an AC30 or two. There are many thousands of these amps around, from original 60s versions, to brand new re-issues. Be careful if you’re buying an old amp, as valve amps need careful regular servicing. An amp needing attention could cost you much more than the purchase price to put right. If you have the cash, look out for the special editions in various colours: Brian has purple, red and white AC30s (plus lots of the standard ones).

Where can I get a treble booster?

There are lots of Treble Booster designs currently available to either buy or build yourself. Brian currently uses a Greg Fryer booster, but check out my booster page for the lowdown on the options.

Where can I get a Deacy amp?

VOX have announced the launch of the Brian May Special, an officially endorsed combo amp designed to replicate the tones of the legendary Deacy amp. Check here for more info.

How much of Brian’s sound comes from his guitar? Amp? Treble booster?

Greg Fryer reckons Brian’s trademark sounds can be attributed roughly 40% to the guitar, 30% treble booster and 30% amplifier. Even if you get all of the gear, you’ll still need to master Brian’s playing technique if you want to sound like him though…

How much is the Red Special worth?

It depends on how you look at it really. If it came onto the open market, then it would probably fetch an enormous sum, quite possibly making it the most valuable guitar in the world. On the other hand, Brian will never sell it and he made it from materials which cost virtually nothing and as such, it has no intrinsic value.

Can I get the Smile tracks on CD?

You certainly can. Ghost of a Smile is an official release containing all of the tracks from the Gettin’ Smile album.

Can I get the Star Fleet tracks on CD?

Yes! The Japanese Resurrection CD contains the tracks from the Star Fleet mini album. Many major record shops stock this as an import item.

Where does Brian live?

Brian’s main home and his recording studio are in Surrey, South-East UK.

Why doesn’t your page have the latest news on Brian?

There are many other sources better placed than I am to give you the latest news on Brian and I couldn’t hope to update regularly enough to give you real news. I hope my pages provide some useful information on Brian May, his music and guitars.

Can I link to your page?

Of course you can.

What is the correct URL for your page?

The main site can be accessed through:

Can I use information/pictures from your page?

I’ve put a fair amount of time and effort into these pages, so I’d appreciate it if you could at least drop me an email before copying anything.