Dillion VBM02QT review

I bought this guitar from www.drclucks.net at the great price of $394.99 including the super Dillion V-series gig bag! It was the cheapest offer I’ve found and the people there are very friendly… You can’t find this guitar on their homepage, but write them an e-mail, they have the Dillion in stock.

This Red Special copy is made in Dillion’s new factory in Vietnam. Like the Burns Signature, it has also the Burns Tri-Sonic pickups, Grover locking tuners and the same black switches to select the pickups in phase and out of phase. The high quality tremolo appears to be an original looking design that functions like a Fender style tremolo. The mahogany body is a little bit thicker than the Burns and has a nice quilted top and comes in a deep red color finish. The Dillion has also abalone dot inlays (those ones of the Burns are plastic…), 24 jumbo frets, a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany set neck with a black headstock. It has a black and white pickguard and the pickups are fixed like the ones on the Guild BM Signature guitars. Burns has mounted the string cover plate on the body; Dillion has the better solution here, because they have fitted this plate into the body.

If I play the guitars through my Fryer Treble Booster, I feel that they have the same sound (both have the Burns Tri-Sonics of course!). I have the Burns RS and the Guild BM Signature. Now, I must tell you, that I would take the Dillion if I had to choose between the Dillion and the Burns! The quality of both guitars is very high, without a great difference, but the Dillion costs only the half price of a Burns RS!

Overall it’s a very recommendable guitar and has also the real Brian May sound!!