Guitars Owners List

This are 100% pure Brian May guitars made in the new factory in Korea. This list also includes the Mini May (made in China) and the new Super (made in Japan). If you want to add your name, pictures and sound files to the list or if you have new details to add please email us at Brian May Guitar Co. copies.



Serial No.



-Jay MesserschmidtNetherlands(*)no number Vintage Red, white arm tip-Thorsten Rode
Germany(*)no numberOetzenstahlRed-Unai AspillagaBasque Country(*)no number Cherry Red. Pic-Tom McCaffreyU.S.(*)no number According to Barry at House Music this guitar is one of the first two guitars to be sent to the USA and originally given to Digitech during the development and marketing of their Brian May pedal-Dennis CutlerU.S.BHM06211 Vintage Red, ChrisGuitars alumuminum replica knobs abd strap buttons added. Pic-Jordi CentellasCatalunyaBHM06217 Black, gold harware and pickguard, it has been photographet with Brian himself. Pic-Adam??BHM06219 Cherry Red-Lyle Krueger IIU.S.BHM06267 Vintage Red. Pic-Steve McCullaU.K.BHM06289 Antique Cherry, , Adeson “Super” pickups, pickup surrounds, new tremolo arm. Pic-Wayne CharltonU.K.BHM06323 Gold, cream prickguard. Pic-Neil FosterN. IrelandBHM06547 3 tone sunburst. Pic-Bruno Kendy SatoBrazilBHM06594  -Marco BeghiniItalyBHM06609 Antique Cherry-Eric IngmanU.S.BHM06735 Left handed-Karel DeeleyU.K.BHM06826 Vintage Red with Sixpence on Headstock-Vicken KhatcherianFranceBHM06854A Ban OnVintage Red, nickname “Reddie”. Pic-John McEwenU.K.BHM06911 White, tortoise pickguard-Trinidad CamposU.S.BHM06928 White, black pickguard, Burns pickups modified by Adeson, aluminum control knobs. Pic-Francesco BanItalyBHM06978 Antique Cherry-Scott SulfridgeU.S.BHM07014 Vintage Red, added more accurate control knobs, custom tuning pegs, home-made tremolo bar, pickup surrounds, and star decals. Pic-Jeffrey BallU.K.BHM07016 Gold, cream pickguard and half moon cover, signed by Brian. Pic-Mark CooperU.K.BHM07018 Antique Cherry-Brad FalknerU.S.BHM07028  -Alvaro Navarro KahnArgentinaBHM07041One & Dr. QueenAntique Cherry-Phil MurrayN. IrelandBHM07049 Specially ordered to “House Music” London in black with black scratchplates, gold hardware, white switches and gold Optima strings. Pic-Mark QuinIrelandBHM07128 Sonic Blue-Laurent LapierreCanadaBHM07191 Antique Cherry. Pic-Federico Bascope BohrtBoliviaBHM07210 Vintage Red. Pic-Uffe BörjessonSwedenBHM07272 Antique Cherry-Eric HautionFranceBHM07396 Antique Cherry-Oleg E. Tolmachev
RussiaBHM07442 White, Adeson pickups, Bourns pots, Schaller Vintage 2000 tremolo and custom black pickguard-Jason PerryU.S.BHM07452 White, tortoise shell pickguard-Bastian MlcochGermanyBHM07510 Vintage Red-Jukka LuhtalaFinlandBHM07518 Vintage Red . Pic-Alfredo RoussosBrazilBHM07594União ClandestinaAntique Cherry. Pic-imageTom McCaffreyU.S.BHM07615 Black, gold hardware, black pickguard, built in germanium treble booster circuit, aluminum replica control knobs-Eric DelavalFranceBHM07622 White, new trem arm and aluminum control knobs. Pic-Eric DelavalFranceBHM07715 Vintage Red, new trem arm, white switches, aluminum control knobs. Pic-Jack Hayden
Queen Reborn
Antique Cherry, added white on trem arm.-imageJames May
U.K.BHM07819 Antique Cherry, signed by Brian May-Ugo CesareoItalyBHM07849 Antique Cherry, Adedon pickups, new trem arm, aluminum control knobs and pickup surrounds. Pic-Marcelo ColedaniArgentinaBHM08068 Antique Cherry . Pic-Jimmy ReillyAustraliaBHM08082DokiAntique Cherry-imageTony Cook
Antique Cherry-Ralph BlissU.S.BHM08144  –imageBeatriz Díaz MartínSpainBHM08145
White, tortoise shell pickguard, nickname: Scaramouche. Pic-imageMikhail BakharevRussiaBHM08214 Antique Cherry. Pic-Carl WoodsIrelandBHM08282 Antique Cherry-Max Johannsen


BHM08314 Antique Cherry. Pic-Jose AidesIsraelBHM08377 Black, gold hardware and pickguard-Bret Sinclair
AustraliaBHM08393 Antique Cherry. Pic-imageEdson Brito
BrazilBHM08426  -Nicolas AlbertFranceBHM08438 Antique Cherry, added white trem arm tip-imageAlberto Tarin
SpainBHM08609 Antique Cherry, Adeson pickups. Pic-Bugra Karabey
Vintage Red added new exact replica trem arm made by
Keith Shafe-imageAlexander SmirnovRussiaBHM08758 Antique Cherry-Matthias J. PiksaGermanyBHM08774 Antique Cherry-imageStuart TurnerU.K.BHM08785 Antique Cherry-Iain Pirrie
-Setsuo KaedeiBrazilBHM08916 Vintage Red-Luc CôtéCanadaBHM09529 Antique Cherry-Dave WrenU.K.BHM09570  Vintage Red, signed by Brian May-David ElliottU.K.BHM09641 Antique Cherry-imageElton LettsCanadaBHM09643 Antique Cherry, new trem arm and control kobs-Andres BenincasaArgentinaBHM09723 Antique Cherry-Alberto GhezziItalyBHM09820Comitato di Salute Pubblica -Jon MarslandU.K.BHM09838Spitting FeathersWhite, replaced trem arm for more authentic one-Alex HanifyNew ZealandBHM09934 Antique Cherry-imageDon GibbsU.S.BMH10109 Blue, gold hardware and a pearloid pickguard-imageStuart Alves
CanadaBHM10205 Antique Cherry-imageValentin Davila
SpainBHM10236 Antique Cherry-Paul KenyonU.K.BHM10299 Antique Cherry-imageJames MayU.K.BHM10324 Gold, signed by Brian May-Steve TrouilleuxFranceBHM10352 Jubilee Gold. Pic-imagePete HunterU.K.BHM10412
Black with Gold Hardware, pickguards and trussrod cover, added white tremelo arm tip and pearloid tuner buttons-imageEmanuel DelmonteArgentinaBHM10461 Antique Cherry. Pic-imageVicente TamaritSpainBHM10581 Antique Cherry-Dave ElliottU.K.BHM10639 Antique Cherry-imageRichard GuilbaultCanadaBHM10875 Green. Pic-Mark ReynoldsU.K.BHM10889 Antique Cherry-Zdenek ŠulcCzech RepublicBHM10974QueenmaniaAntique Cherry-imageDavid Nash
Antique Cherry-imageVicenzo MangiaU.S.BHM11355  –imageDaniel NetNetherlandsBHM11445Six Of OneAntique Cherry-imageIan Davison
Antique Cherry-imageNicky Chang
Antique Cherry-imageClaudio GiraudArgentinaBHM11552 Antique Cherry, aluminum replica knobs. Pic-image Miguel Angel SobreviaChileBHM11590 Antique Cherry-imageGreg Payne
U.S.BHM11659Anarchy and ChaosGold-imagePat ShaylerU.K.BHM11854Forever QueenNatural Finish-imageChristophe GuignardFranceBHM11859 Black, new DiMarzio pickps, new custom made pickguard and electronics. Pic-imageKeith ArcherU.K.BHM11887Session PlayerNatural, aluminum replica knobs, set up to do vibrato by “palming the trem”. Pic-imageRichard HillU.K.BHM12012 Antique Cherry-imageSteen JacobsenDenmarkBHM12279
imageMax AirboueFranceBHM12434
Antique Cherry