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Click on a song title. Please note that some of the files contain more than one interpretation of the song.

Smile Songs

April Lady - chords
Earth - chords
Polar Bear - chords

Queen Songs

'39 - tab/chords
Bohemian Rhapsody - tab/chords
Breakthru' - chords
Brighton Rock - tab
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - tab
Don't Stop Me Now - chords/tab
Fat Bottomed Girls - tab/chords
Heaven for Everyone - chords/tab
Innuendo - chords
I Want it All - chords
Killer Queen - solo tab
Long Away - chords
Love of My Life - tab/chords
Mother Love - tab/chords
No-one But You - chords
Now I'm Here - tab
One Vision - tab
She Makes Me - chords
Stone Cold Crazy - tab
Tenement Funster - intro tab
These are the Days of Our Lives - chords
The Night Comes Down - chords
The Show Must Go On - tab/chords
The World That We Created - tab/chords
We Are the Champions - tab
We Will Rock You - solo tab
Who Needs You - chords/tab
Who Wants to Live Forever - tab and chords
You're My Best Friend - chords

Brian solo songs

Dream of Thee (Furia theme) - chords/tab
Driven By You - chords/tab
Nothin' but Blue - tab/chords
Too Much Love Will Kill You - chords
Why Don't We Try Again - chords

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