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Magazine Interviews with Brian

Music U.K. Magazine, January 1984 - interview with Brian
Guitarist Magazine, December 1992 - interview with Brian
Guitar for the Practicing Musician, September 1993 - interview with Brian and Nuno Bettencourt
Guitarist Magazine, October 1994 - interview with Brian
Guitarist Magazine, July 1998 - interview with Brian
Total Guitar Magazine, Christmas 1998 - interview with Brian
Guitarist Magazine, March 2000 - interview with Brian at the National Music show
Guitarist Magazine, November 2001 - Brian's guest editorial for Guitarist
Guitarist Magazine, November 2001 - interview with Brian

TV Interviews

This Morning TV show, November 1997 - interview with Brian
"Top Billing" on SABC2, January 1998 - interview with Brian and Roger

Equipment and Techniques

The Guitar Magazine, 1993 - Review of the Guild Brian May Signature guitar
Guitarist Magazine, February 1995 - Article on the history of Brian's favourite amplifier, the Vox AC30
Total Guitar Magazine, November 1996 - 'Passing notes' column on Brian
Guitarist Magazine, March 1997 - Article on Brian's famous multiple-delay effect which he uses in the Brighton Rock solos
Guitarist Magazine, July 1998 - Article on Greg Fryer's custom copies and restoration work on the Red Special
The Guitar Magazine, October 1999 - Article on the Red Special and various copies
The Guitar Magazine, December 2000 - Article on valves for the Vox AC30, including Brian's favourites
Guitarist Magazine, February 2001 - Article on Watford Valves, Brian's favourite valve supplier
Various magazines - Several reviews of the Burns Brian May Signature guitar
The Guitar Magazine, April 2002 - Article on the history of Burns
Guitar World Magazine, September 2002 - Review of Scott's Crispy Cream Treble Booster
Guitarist Magazine, July 2003 - Review of the Vox Brian May Special amplifier

Note that all interviews and articles are typed verbatim. Any errors in spelling, grammar or factual content are a reflection of the original source.

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